Benefits & Features

The SentrySIS platform has a multitude of advanced benefits and features for Police Constabularies, Crime Partnerships and National Retailers – all integrated into one secure software solution.

BCRP members can create, join and share information with specific groups within their partnership. This allows them to share information and data with specific members who all have a more commonly focused interest then the wider partnership, such as ‘The High Street Group’, ‘City Centre Group’ or ‘Nightclubs Group’. This allows users to only choose what they want to see in their news feed that’s relevant to them and their organisation.
Crime Managers and the Police can run a series of reporting tools against the data within the system to produce reports and analysis. This helps identify intelligence about ‘subjects of interest’, the crimes they have committed, any common traits and crime hotspots within a region. The useful information allows stores, especially at area manager level, cross reference and analyse between locations to identify why crime might be higher in one location compared to another.  
SentrySIS allows all members and their users within the system to share data between each BCRP or police constabulary. This allows intelligence about crimes and ‘subjects of interest’ to be shared in real-time across neighbouring borders. A feature not possible in crime reporting and monitoring software until SentrySIS was launched. This opens up clear communication channels between neighbouring BCRPs and police constabularies who might not necessarily have shared this information with each other in the past.    
Images of unknown subjects of interest are displayed on user’s dashboards where ID’s can be suggested and submitted directly to the Police and Crime Managers. This allows the partnership to collect intelligence on unknown people to seek further information from them about incidents that have been reported.  
If a crime has taken place, it can be recorded and reported directly to the BCRP manager and the participating police constabulary to investigate and share with the wider partnership. All members can easily create an incident and add elements such as known or unknown ‘subjectsof interest’, vehicle information and CCTV footage and still images. In addition to this users can also add descriptions of goods stolen, the incident location and any additional text based information giving an account of what happened in a chronological order.
This quick and easy tool allows users to post a notification alert in real-time that appears in other users real-time notification feed instantly. Users can submit information about intelligence they have received and want to share with a wider group. A notification also has the ability to attach an image and text based details supplying more information to the system users.  
All users can access the SentrySIS database of profiles within the SentrySIS system. This database is a comprehensive repository of people who have committed crimes within members’ stores. These are housed under a number of criteria where users can conduct simple searches to identify people when crimes have taken place.  
Similar to the profiles database, SentrySIS stores vehicles that have been associated with notifications and incidents allowing users to search the database. This function proves very useful for identifying travelling criminals or profiles connected to vehicles.