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Let SentrySIS host your public website with SentrySIS Cloud

As part of the wider services offered by SentrySIS, SentrySIS Cloud is a new division in SentrySIS where BCRPS, BIDS, private security firms and other organisations can utilise the already secure and robust SentrySIS infrastructure to host their websites and other cloud management systems.


This service will assist SentrySIS customers in streamlining their internal operations by maximising their IT expenditure through the provision of cloud web hosting services.


Fully hosted within a secure UK-based data centre, your organisation’s public website can benefit from the expertise and knowledge within the wider SentrySIS ecosystem. All hosted websites are backed up daily and are made even secure thanks to additional services provided by our technology partners such as CISCO, Microsoft, Commvault, Intel, Dell and ANS.

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Retailers Against Crime (RAC)

Founded in 1997, Retailers Against Crime is a national, not for profit crime partnership. RAC help detect and prevent crime, including acts of violence by sharing information on local and travelling offenders to their members in Scotland, Northern Ireland and across England.


RAC’s internal specialised staff analyse offenders, identify their methods, their associates and locations targeted. This enables RAC to forewarn their members who can then detect and prevent crime before it happens. RAC are leaders in identifying and providing intelligence on organised crime groups, many of whom are involved in other criminal activities including drugs, firearms, trafficking and terrorism.


Visit the RAC website by clicking here

Cambridge Against Business Crime (CAMBAC)

Cambac is an independent, non-profit making organisation set up in August 2007 by Cambridge City Centre Management department as a direct response from City Centre businesses. They work closely and in partnership with Cambridgeshire Constabulary, Cambridge Community Safety Partnership, Cambridge City Centre Management, Cambridge City Council Rangers and their CCTV department. This ensures that Cambridge is a safe place to live, work, shop and enjoy your leisure time.


The crime partnership launched with approximately 100 members and have seen substantial growth to nearly 200 businesses spread across the day and night time economies. Most of its members are linked via SentrySIS and the city’s radio scheme with the Police, CCTV, City Rangers and the council.


Visit the CAMBAC website by clicking here

City Centre Beat (Bradford)

City Centre Beat in Bradford works with over 145 members throughout the Bradford City Centre and outlying areas to fight crime and anti-social behaviour. The crime partnership provides its members with a number of benefits including up to date photographs and intelligence on known criminals via the SentrySIS system along with a successful radio scheme.


Visit the City Centre Beat website by clicking here

York Business Against Crime

York Business Against Crime is the business crime partnership for York. The successful scheme brings together members of the business community and other agencies, such as the police, community safety partnerships and the local authority, to work together with the aim of reducing crime against business.


YBAC is a not for profit organisation whose board consists of North Yorkshire Police, Safer York Partnership, City of York Council, retailers, security organisations, licensees and the Storenet/Nightsafe radio scheme amongst others.

Visit the York Business Against Crime website by clicking here

National Infrastructure Crime Reduction Partnership

The National Infrastructure Crime Reduction Partnership is a collective of organisations who work in partnership to help combat and reduce metal and UK infrastructure theft. This pan-sector partnership includes organisations from UK policing, law enforcement agencies, telecommunications, rail and transport, heritage, agriculture and power providers.


The impact of metal crime has far reaching consequences for everyone and has a significant cost to the UK economy. The NICRP is designed to share intelligence and provide expert advice, training and support to combat metal crime across our communities and all sectors of business.


Visit the NICRP website by clicking here

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