Business Improvement Districts and Town Centre Management teams can now benefit from a new partnership between SentrySIS and Solomon, a local intelligence platform for BIDs and place managers. The partnership will allow BID levy payers to receive crime statistics about their area, directly into their Solomon dashboard.


The partnership will integrate crime data from a series of reports and datasets housed within the SentrySIS platform and display them as interactive ‘Stories’ in Solomon.


Director at Solomon, Simon Zimmerman commenting on the new relationship, said "Solomon is a local intelligence platform in the cloud and powers a family of software tools for BIDs and place managers, including real-time dashboards. We are on a mission to unlock local data to create value for businesses and we are thrilled to be working in partnership with SentrySIS to boost local knowledge regarding crime."


The user experience of a levy payer will automatically be increased 10-fold as the data they might wish to seek will be presented for them in their own dashboard in an ‘easy to digest’ format. Levy payers that are already part of their local crime partnership, can receive more in-depth SentrySIS statistics and information about local crime. This is in addition to greater functionality and one location for logging in and carrying out administration tasks such as password resets.


The venture now makes it possible for BID’s and Town Centre Management teams to investigate the correlations between a wide variety of ‘location based data’ and how it might influence other dynamics. For example, data around city footfall and the weather can be directly analysed against shoplifting or anti-social behaviour incidents over a chosen period of time. These findings can be further analysed to suggest systems and processes a city might put into action to achieve a desired outcome.


Chris Nriapia, Director at SentrySIS expanded on these thoughts and said “This partnership is quite unique as it brings together two data rich organisations with information that directly complement each other. It’s quite bizarre to think that our SentrySIS software and the Solomon platform could recommend to a BID that more rangers are needed this Saturday as the temperature is above 15 degrees, the city footfall is 10% higher than last week and anti-social behaviour is therefore likely to increase.”


An initial prototype of the new integration will be tested with the Leeds BID over the coming months before it's rolled out across wider geographical areas.


For more information about Solomon please contact Leonard Carey on 07813 970 483, by email at or visit Solomon Software