SentrySIS, the UK’s leading crime management and intelligence platform, have this week launched updated versions of their crime fighting software, making it even easier for customers to hand select applications to deliver maximum benefit for their organisation.


SentrySIS is predominately used by police constabularies, business improvement districts (BIDs), business crime reduction partnerships (BRCPs) and private security companies from across the country. The UK-based software company provides customers and their users with a suite of efficiency and crime management solutions to help them manage and process crime information.


Their cloud-based software has gone through a series of significant updates that have been separated into distinct retail and police solutions. Each platform can be deployed in isolation but they are designed from the ground up to share common application modules and information where organisations identify a relevant business need.


Marketed under the new brand names of ‘SentrySIS: BusinessProtect’ and ‘SentrySIS: PolicePerform’, users from across public and private sector business environments can choose from a variety of dedicated applications to meet their current and future business needs.


This article takes a closer look at each platform, the individual applications available within each, and highlights the benefits they bring to end users, the police and the public. 


SentrySIS: BusinessProtect


The SentrySIS: BusinessProtect platform is the control centre dashboard specifically designed for BCRPs, BIDs, national retailers and private security companies to house their crime management and intelligence tools in one location. The dashboard is a fully paperless solution that collates crime intelligence, system-wide analytics and data reports which are all securely accessible via any desktop, tablet or smartphone device connected to the internet.


SentrySIS: BusinessProtect comes pre-loaded with everything required to help manage crime and intelligence through a suite of dedicated SentrySIS applications. It is fully GDPR compliant, with all data stored securely in the UK, so organisations can use the system with confidence knowing that their data is safe.


With the ability to access essential intelligence instantly and compliance built in to the system, SentrySIS has revolutionised how we share crime information with our UK retail members 

- Maxine Fraser, Managing Director, Retailers Against Crime



SentrySIS: BusinessProtect application include...





Intel360 is a complete turn-key crime management and intelligence application where system administrators and end users can report, map and analyse crime to proactively reduce criminal behaviour affecting their organisations.


Retail end users can report crime incidents to system admins and also directly to the police. The details of these incidents, such as images and video of known offenders and related vehicles can be shared across organisations to allow management and staff to identify threats and patterns.


System administrators can use management functions in the application to help manage their partnership and their users. Secure communications tools also allow administrators to send criminal intelligence to the end users that need it most. Detailed analysis reports take this ability to the next level.


The dedicated smartphone app on Android and Apple devices allows end users to access Intel360 from the palm of their hand whilst on the move or for discreet, private access.


With SentrySIS we’re able to manage crime intelligence across London. Providing the best possible service to our business members to reduce crime, violence and ASB.

- Hannah Wadey, Joint Chief Executive Officer for Safer Business Network







CrimeReport is the UK’s first fully end-to-end online crime reporting application enabling retailers to report crime online directly to the police with ease. The application generates a ‘police-approved’ evidence pack that automatically produces a fully completed MG11 witness statement, business impact statement, witness details and the secure transfer of an unlimited amount of CCTV video and images relating to the incident.


The application speeds up the digital evidence transfer process, meaning retail staff can spend more time conducting security guarding tasks on the shop floor, instead of having face to face meetings with police officers to complete paperbased statements.


Using CrimeReport enables retailers to be much more efficient in how they report crime to the police using a modern method of working.







ConnectLIVE is a dedicated secure application which allows all system users to ‘connect’ in real time through video and instant messaging communications. Similar to the popular WhatsApp messaging application or Microsoft Teams video platform, ConnectLIVE creates a secure and safe environment for users to live chat, share video and multimedia intelligence in real time.


The ConnectLIVE application goes a few steps further by allowing users to collaborate by creating private groups with local work colleagues or other contacts using SentrySIS in  towns and cities across the UK.


The application can be accessed via the dedicated SentrySIS app on Apple and Android or via the SentrySIS secure web portal.


We use ConnnectLIVE to support 115 partnership members reaching over 20,000 retailers. We can disseminate timely, accurate information, reducing crime in our members’ premises.

- David Wilson, Executive Board Member of the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships (NABCP)






OnsiteAlert scans vehicle registrations in real time and matches these against known vehicles within the SentrySIS database. Through the ability to easily integrate existing ANPR systems into SentrySIS, the application can cross-reference suspected vehicles against those in the database, and alert system users of the criminal incidents and profiles associated should a matching vehicle be found.


Searches return comprehensive vehicle data, allowing previous locations and occupants to be identified, along with common travel routes to assist with crime investigation.


The system is so user friendly and with the functions it has available has been pivotal in the part our organisation plays in preventing crime here in the North East.

- Lee Steabler, NERCP Manager





SentrySIS: PolicePerform


The SentrySIS: PolicePerform platform is the nerve centre dashboard used by UK Police constabularies to access their crime management and intelligence tools. The dashboard allows police personnel to request and receive crucial digital evidence, exhibits and documents in minutes and access the suite of police specific applications in their installation.


PolicePerform gives the police the tools they need to speed up investigations for better performance, increased efficiency and lower resource costs.


The applications available within the PolicePerform platform considerably reduce police travel time and face to face meetings with witness and victims of crime which helps build better relationships with the public and makes them more efficient at what they do. This also leads to the ability to deploy crucial front-line services elsewhere.


All data within the Police Perform platform is hosted in a UK based PASF Gov IL4 data centre meaning that all data is secure and fully compliant to national policing standards.


The software has helped officers become more productive in their daily investigation tasks.

- Detective Superintendent Kevin Weir, SentrySIS Strategic Lead for Durham Police



SentrySIS – Police Perform application include...



CrimeReport has been operational with Durham Police since 2017, where local retailers submit ‘police-approved’ online crime reports through this easy-to-use application.


Retailers submit a fully digital evidence pack that automatically produces all the digital paperwork and assets required to conduct a police investigation. This evidence pack is securely delivered to the Police dashboard within minutes of submission by the retailer, allowing quick and easy download by officers.


The application automatically converts retailer submitted in-store CCTV video files into a modern highly-compressed file format for easy viewing, but preserves the original files in case they should be required by the Crown Prosecution Service. The evidence pack also includes a completed MG11 witness statement, business impact statement, witness details and any other submitted multimedia files relating to the incident.


Using this method, officers are no longer required to attend retail stores in person, significantly reducing face to face police demand.


We are getting the CCTV at a much earlier stage in the investigation, we’re getting hold of the offender at a much earlier stage. This means that we can stop them from committing further offences.

- Inspector Adam Norris, Durham Police 






ConnectLIVE is a secure interactive communications application police officers can use to interact with colleagues or witnesses and victims of crime. The application uses real time video and instant messaging technology through an ‘end to end’ encrypted protocol.


The application creates a secure and safe environment for police officers to live chat, hold video calls and receive intelligence with members of the public or internal and external stakeholders.






OnsiteAlert utilises private ANPR systems that are integrated into the SentrySIS network to identify known vehicles within the SentrySIS database which have been associated with crime or criminal behaviour.


Police constabularies can use this application to find wanted vehicles and their occupants by inserting vehicle registration plate numbers into the system to display their previously known whereabouts. Where matches are found, the police can view vehicle details, such as its locations, common travel routes and vehicle occupants to help assist criminal investigations they might be conducting at the time.






SignSecure enables the police to receive signed consent from witness and victims of crime quickly to help progress an investigation through a series of digital forms to speed up the consent giving process. Bespoke forms include access to social media accounts, banking details, personal medical records and other general personal information held by third party organisations.


The process saves officer travel time and eliminates any associated travel costs through the fully paperless application.


The ability to seek consent from the public to access their social media accounts, banking details and personal medical records as part of our investigations within minutes has been invaluable.

- PC Paul Vickers, Durham Police







CCTVNow is a secure application that enables the police to request and receive large CCTV files from holders of public realm CCTV such as town and city councils. CCTV requests are made through the application providing a fully digital paper trail of what has been requested, by whom and at what date and time. All CCTV video files are automatically converted to an easy to view file format where clips can be viewed with ease through the application.


Once the police have confirmed the requested files are of use, they can be downloaded directly to the officer’s computer making it easy to transfer onto the next stage for investigation.


The application radically speeds up the process of receiving CCTV meaning video evidence can be transferred in minutes, with all data safely stored in the UK. An additional benefit to the software is that it automatically creates an MG11 witness statement from the provider, so there is no need for a face to face meeting to either complete additional paperwork or collect a physical copy of the CCTV.


We know CCTV is vital for the police and we have worked closely with our colleagues at Durham Constabulary to help speed up the transfer process.

- Adrian White, Head of transport and contract services, Durham County Council







The StatementNow application presents the police with a secure and efficient way to gather MG11 witness statements, collect digital evidence and provide reassurance to witnesses and victims of crime over the telephone. StatementNow is more convenient for the public and more efficient for the Police as it eliminates the need to meet in person to complete this essential policing task as part of an investigation.


The smart application saves all parties time, money and resources as it streamlines the statement recording process, including witness or victim digital signatures.


All data is stored within a PASF UK based data centre meaning that all information taken and transferred through the application is secure and a fully transparent digital paper trail is always recording. This eliminates the risk of any data loss or administration errors.


Durham Police have always been forward thinking when it comes to the technology we have at our disposal, which ultimately improves the service we offer to the public.

- Detective Superintendent Kevin Weir, Durham Police







CollisionReport simplifies the way road accident collisions are reported and submitted by the public directly to the police. This useful reporting application can be integrated into any police constabulary’s public facing website, making it easy for the public to access.


The application captures all the information the police need to review the collision and assess if the incident requires police involvement.


CollisionReport helps the police to provide a more efficient and convenient service to the public helping to reduce police demand and provide a system where quicker assessment and evaluation of road collisions can occur.


There have been force-wide efficiencies recognised as a result of the software implementation.

- Inspector Jon Malcolm, Cleveland & Durham Police Specialist Operations Unit


The SentrySIS platform is already widely used across the UK by many public and private sector organisations who have a need to reduce crime and manage crime processes much more efficiently than they currently do.


To find out more about how SentrySIS can assist your organisation or to enquire about a free trial of any of the SentrySIS applications, please contact or use our contact us form.