This week, SentrySIS – the UK’s leading crime and intelligence management platform – changed the management of how crime data flows between third party intelligence systems forever, with the launch of its SentrySIS API software.


This secure API is to be made public to allow national retailers to directly feed their crime data into any SentrySIS installation in the UK.



Since the inception of crime management and intelligence platforms, there has been an industry-wide problem with “double-keying”, where crime data needs to be inserted multiple times into different systems. Even when organisations have accepted the inefficiencies inherent in double-keying, one of the main issues facing organisations such as crime partnerships, business improvement districts and private security companies, has been that national retailers’ crime data is either difficult to access in real time or stored in multiple internal locations across various platforms.


The existing inability for all stakeholders to quickly and securely interrogate and analyse this data means that large amounts of retail crime goes unchecked despite the existence of data which could help prevent it.


The SentrySIS API solves this.



Organisations using SentrySIS can provide their national retailer clients and other data holding companies with access to the SentrySIS API. Once configured to a third party’s internal crime management system, the SentrySIS API goes to work and provides the seamless flow of crime data into any SentrySIS installation the national retailer desires.


The API integration drills down into the secure SentrySIS platform to display the national retailer’s crime data at individual store level, all in real time.


Lee Fella, Managing Director and Chief Technical Officer at SentrySIS said “2021 was the year we set out to solve the double keying issue and we have reached this goal with a few months to spare. Through our API technology, we have added a significant competitive advantage to our own platform and have provided a critical operational benefit for our customers.”



The SentrySIS API imports detailed crime data typically recorded in a shop lifting incident. These data fields include parameters such as offenders, goods types, images, CCTV, stock loss values and any vehicles associated with the incident.


To find out more about the SentrySIS API and to see an online demonstration of the software, please visit or contact us at