As part of end user and system administrator feedback, SentrySIS have this week launched a series of advanced features, reports and system updates to help improve engagement, administrator functionality and crime communication between a partnership and its members.


Daily Profile Watch Lists


Based on the historical data within SentrySIS, we know that prolific offenders are creatures of habit. They usually repeat offend at the same stores, within certain time frames and on certain days.


Using an intelligent algorithm within the system, SentrySIS can now build a custom list of the top ten profiles who are most likely to commit business crime offences today. This daily profile watch list is then displayed on the SentrySIS webportal dashboard for easy viewing as soon as a user logs in.



Security Guards and loss prevention personnel can now be better informed as to who they need to be aware of at the start of each day. The algorithm takes existing data to make the list bespoke to that specific user.


Lee Fella, from SentrySIS commented and said “We have developed this useful tool utilising a SentrySIS algorithm that can automatically run searches on data within the system. Now end users don’t need to worry about running these searches themselves as the system does this automatically based on offender data in the system. They can now spend more of their attention on guarding the store rather than running system searches.”


Profile Risk Report


Continuing with data analysis of profiles, the Profile Risk Report analyses profiles who are likely to commit business crime against a store over the course of a working week. The report however can incorporate additional factors that make the report more targeted and more detailed. These factors can include data from other neighbouring stores within a certain radius and historical data up to the last 365 days.



Once the report is generated, it displays a list of profiles across the working week and ranks profiles in order of likelihood to commit an offence.


The purpose of the report is to gain a weekly overview of profiles who are most likely to commit business crime against a store, so that preventative in-store measure can be planned and deployed.


Profiles Database – Order by


Profiles within SentrySIS can be displayed in a number of list-views, depending in how the end users wishes to view the profiles list. Ordering of profiles can now be displayed by surname of offender, by total incidents or by total incidents over the last 7 or 30 days.



This simple sort-by feature becomes useful for end users as they can analyse the profile list to best suits their needs.


Member Crime Report


The ability for system administrators to produce professional business reports for their members is central to keeping stores and head offices informed. With a simple click of a button, administrators can produce business reports in PDF format that displays a variety of crime activity related to a specific member store.



Each report includes profiles who have committed business crime at the member store, what their success rating is and a breakdown of those incidents by month, day of week and hour of day.  Additional report elements also display a running total of stolen stock values, both stolen and recovered.



In addition to this, the report goes into further detail segmenting all incidents into categories such as incident type, what goods have been stolen and over what date periods. This proves useful as it gives a snapshot as to what the main items being stolen are and what trends do we see in relation to time period and certain good types.



Finally, the report also highlights crime vehicles that have been associated with any reported incidents.


This granular detailed report assists end users with the information they require to help put measures in place to reduce business crime from their store. It allows the store to have an overview of all the crime data that’s associated with them in a simple, easy to digest PDF report.



Chris Nriapia from SentrySIS commented and said “The Member Crime Report is such a useful report for system administrators and their members as it informs them of everything they need to know about crime in their store. This allows those people on the ground to stay vigilant, whilst area managers and head office loss prevention teams can analyse the data to identify trends effecting other stores within their estate.”



For more information on these or any other reports within SentrySIS that can help your partnership serve its membership better, please contact us for a free online demo.