In a digital world where organisations place their trust in third parties to store, manage and process their data, questions are unsurprisingly asked about ‘what happens to my data?’ when they want to move to another supplier.


The subject of data migration can naturally be a very daunting and overwhelming thought for any organisation, especially for business crime reduction partnerships (BCRP) as data provides crime managers with intelligence to share with their members. It’s reasonable to ask such questions however, the business crime reduction sector can now rest assured that software is available to overcome these reservations.


It’s common knowledge that the BCRP sector in the UK is limited to a handful of crime intelligence software providers, where data migration from one platform to another shouldn’t be ‘daunting and overwhelming’ for crime managers.


Through listening to the wants and needs of crime managers, SentrySIS have recently fixed this issue through the launch of their internal data import tool called ‘SentrySIS MoveMe’.



SentrySIS MoveMe is a simple application that allows the SentrySIS development team to easily import an existing crime partnership’s dataset into SentrySIS once exported from their current provider. The secure software ensures that there is no loss of data during the data migration phase, should a crime partnership wish to move from a third party supplier to SentrySIS.


SentrySIS software architect, Lee Fella commented and said “From a digital transformation point of view, the movement of an organisation’s datasets shouldn’t be a barrier for them to gain access to better, more modern, more useful technology that is available to them right now. We needed to develop a simple yet powerful tool that made it easy for data migration into the SentrySIS eco-system to occur. More importantly we had to ensure that no information is lost whether that be images, video or text-based data.” Lee concluded and said “We have used the SentrySIS MoveMe application on a number of recent crime partnership migrations and they have all imported without any issues.”


Over recent months, a number of crime partnerships such as Brighton & Hove Business Crime Reduction Partnership (Brighton & Hove), Cambridge Business Against Crime (Cambridge), Safer Business Network (London) and Discover Fulham BID (Fulham) have all taken advantage of the SentrySIS MoveMe technology whilst either migrating over to SentrySIS from a third party provider or just through providing their data in the required format from scratch.



The SentrySIS MoveMe tool segments crime partnership data from the third party provider into data tables and matches them against the same or similar tables within SentrySIS. This may consist of an organisation’s name, an end user’s email address or other basic contact details for the organisation.


Where SentrySIS MoveMe becomes even more useful, is where it matches specific elements to the corresponding ones within SentrySIS, if this data has been supplied within the dataset. Elements such as crime types, goods types and stock loss values can all be easily imported significantly reducing the risk of data loss and mis-information during the import.



In addition to this, where multimedia files (images & CCTV video) have been supplied, MoveMe handles these in the same way by transferring the files securely into SentrySIS and attaching them to the relevant area of the system such as against an offender’s profile or within the details of an incident.


For crime partnerships who are interested in seeking more information on the SentrySIS crime intelligence platform and how they can easily transfer their data to SentrySIS, please contact us here.