The crime reduction partnership responsible for keeping the Welsh capital safe, has this week replaced its crime intelligence software with SentrySIS, as it seeks to provide its members with better tools and intelligence to prevent, detect and reduce business crime.



(From Left to Right: Adrian Field, BID Executive Dirrector FOR Cardiff, Rory Flemining, Chair of CABC and Inspector Darren Grady South Wales Police)

Operating within the For Cardiff BID structure, the switch over to SentrySIS reflects Cardiff Against Business Crime’s (CABC) commitment to protecting Cardiff businesses and the local public using the latest technology for this sector.


Working closely with its already successful CityNet radio communications network, CABC have already laid plans for SentrySIS to become an integral part of its operation. Now the system has been installed, it intends to roll out the platform over the coming weeks for its members and other city stakeholders to access.



BCRP Crime Manager, Ian Tumelty said ‘’Cardiff Against Business Crime is really pleased to join SentrySIS. We look forward to working with Chris and his team to support our members with an efficient application to share intelligence and to report and reduce business related crime’’.


The already successful crime partnership consists of major stakeholders including retail, professional and evening and night-time economy businesses, South Wales Police, British Transport Police, Cardiff County Council and Cardiff Licensees Forum among others.


Switching to SentrySIS also offers additional data sharing and collaboration options for CABC admins and their local police partners to assist in reducing crime across the city.



Through the CABC’s membership of the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships (NABCP), they also now have instant access to the NABCP UK-wide network of intelligence. This is achieved through a direct link to the NABCP’s own internal SentrySIS system, where both organisations can send and receive regional and national intelligence that’s relevant to Cardiff in a fully ‘GDPR compliant’ way. On receipt of this information, CABC admins can forward this intelligence to local members ensuring they are aware of possible traveling offenders and the latest business crime trends.


Chris Nriapia from SentrySIS said: “It’s a real milestone for us to have secured Cardiff Against Business Crime as a SentrySIS user. This not only allows us to provide businesses in the Welsh capital with the latest technology to help reduce business crime, but contributions to our expansion plans further into Wales where other BCRPS and BIDS can also benefit from the latest on the market”.



Members of the scheme will have access to the SentrySIS platform via its webportal or mobile phone app on Apple and Android devices. Here, members can report incidents to CABC admins and can gain access to the most up to date intelligence on local offenders and low-level crime within Cardiff.


Cardiff based businesses seeking further information on the CABC and how to gain access to SentrySIS, please visit CABC here.