A series of night-time economy stakeholders in and around Bradford have this week chosen SentrySIS to be the central intelligence sharing platform to support the recently launched Bradford at Night initiative.


Created by Bradford’s Business Improvement District, but operated independently, Bradford at Night aims to bring the night-time economy together to focus on improving Bradford’s post-covid evening experience through the reduction of anti-social behaviour.



(Left to Right: Elizabeth Murphy (Bradford at Night Evening and Night-Time Economy co-ordinator), Alison Lowe OBE (Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime (DMPC) in West Yorkshire and Patron of Bradford at Night) and Dave Downes (Bradford at Night Director)


Bradford at Night will see every business sector – including pubs, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and hotels adopt a joint approach to achieve its business objectives. Public sector bodies such as Bradford Council and West Yorkshire Police will also support the scheme in a variety of different ways.


SentrySIS will support Bradford at Night by providing its crime intelligence sharing platform to enable night-time venues and their staff to safely and securely share crime and anti-social behaviour intelligence between each other.


Commenting on the safety-focused stands that Bradford at Night sets out to address, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime in West Yorkshire, Alison Lowe OBE said “Bradford has everything you need for a great night out, no matter your taste or interests. I’ve been out in Bradford many a night and had great times - there are lots of warm and wonderful people, and I’ve never felt unsafe here”.



(Alison Lowe OBE at the launch of Bradford at Night)


Alison continued and said “Should people find themselves in trouble on a night out in Bradford, support is available. We have Ask for Angela, which ensures anybody at a pub, bar or club will be able to seek help from trained staff. If you don’t want to go to a pub or club, there are other places, for example the police station”.


Members of Bradford at Night will have access to a variety of night-time related intelligence via the SentrySIS smart phone app which will assist in helping achieve the scheme’s goals. Staff at venues and their security teams can send and receive instant alerts and notifications about occurrences happening in the city to help keep people safe and root out any criminal activity that might be occurring.


Bradford at Night Director, Dave Downes, commented on the importance of the scheme and how it fits into a wider strategic vision the city has by saying “Bradford is going through an exciting period – with the City of Culture shortlisting and new venues such as Bradford Live opening soon it vital that the city grows and thrives. We want to create an ambitious city with high-class entertainment and varied businesses and investment opportunities to bring about economic growth.”



(Dave Downes at the Bradford at Night launch event)

Bradford at Night has already agreed plans to hold monthly meetings with hoteliers and entertainment venues so they are kept informed of city-wide strategic plans including the relaunch of city’s Pubwatch initiative. Other benefits for joining the scheme also include regular training and ‘best-practice’ sessions with security firms and door staff to ensure that the city continues to uphold a high level of service for residents and visitors who choose Bradford as a first class entertainment destination.



(Left to Right: Elizabeth Murphy (Bradford at Night Evening and Night-Time Economy co-ordinator), Emma Rochford, Community Safety Team from Keighley & Sergeant Terri Green from Bingley)


Chris Nriapia, Director at SentrySIS commented and said “We’ve been seeing a steady increase in pubwatch and night-time economy usage within SentrySIS for a while now, which is over and above the retail crime focused activity the main system is used for. We think it great that Bradford at Night are driving this initiative forward, with SentrySIS being an integral part to their plans”.


Crime partnerships and business improvement districts seeking further information how SentrySIS can support their night-time economy, please contact SentrySIS here.

Photos used with thanks from Bradford at Night