In this episode of Crime Partnerships Under the Spotlight, we speak to Superintendent Patrick Holdaway, Head of the National Business Crime Centre.



The NBCC is an organisation which helps all businesses and police forces learn, share and support each other, with the aim of preventing and combatting business crime and criminality. They bridge the gap between Policing and Business across all business sectors.



Their main aim is to reduce business crime and this is achieved through the delivery of 3 strategic stands. The NBCC plug into all UK based police forces and have a wide range of ‘points of contact’ across many business leads.

Under these strategic strands the role of the NBCC is to:

  • Improve partnership working to accurately understand and reduce the impact of crime by supporting and co-ordinating activity between UK police forces and the business community
  • Raise national police standards by prioritising prevention, enabling businesses to protect themselves from crime by being a conduit of best practice and a centre of excellence
  • Enable businesses to target resources more efficiently, through effective intelligence and information exchange, disrupting organised crime against business
  • Support the delivery of the national Serious and Organised Acquisitive Crime (SOAC) strategy
  • Develop and support national standards for the accreditation for Business Crime Reduction Partnerships
  • Identify and promote research into emerging crime trends affecting business
  • Develop additional support for the NPCC portfolios of Fraud, Cyber and Counter Terrorism through messaging and business engagement
  • Assist Government and NPCC Portfolio leads with business engagement to support their objectives

Patrick shares an insight into the strategic work of the NBCC and offers his thoughts around working closer with BCRP’s and what they can do to assist in collaborative working.

To watch Patrick’s Crime Partnerships Under the Spotlight, please view the video below.


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