SentrySIS, the crime intelligence platform for crime partnerships, business improvement districts and private security firms have this week launched a new feature to improve end user engagement and to ensure that crucial information isn’t missed.

The new activity aggregator highlights new crime intelligence that has been posted since the user last logged into their installation. Similar to the visual prompts commonly seen across social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, the activity aggregator displays a red icon and counter in the main menu of the user’s dashboard.


The red icons and counters are placed against new notifications, incidents, profiles, vehicles, alerts and briefings to visually warn users where new and unseen crime intelligence has been posted.


Displayed on the SentrySIS web portal dashboard, users can click their desired section to view the information by category alternatively, they can click the ‘missed activity’ tab in the main menu where the system will collate all new information and display posts on one easy to read view screen.

Commenting on the new feature, Chris Nriapia said “One fundamental objective to the SentrySIS system has always been that end users get what they need to see and fast in a fully GDPR compliant way. Introducing the missed activity aggregator achieves this goal as end user engagement is vastly improved enabling users to see what they have missed.”


Chris summarised and said “We all lead busy lives and time is always of the essence so giving users a snapshot of what they have missed, means time saved and efficiency gained.”

The need for security personnel, retailer staff workers, system administrators and loss prevention teams to be instantly informed of new system activity is crucial. This allows them to keep abreast of crime activity without the need to search the system to find out what new crime data has been posted.


Currently the feature is only available within the SentrySIS web portal but will be included in both the SentrySIS Apple and Android apps in a future app update.


For more information on how SentrySIS can improve the way your crime partnership, business improvement district, private security firm or national retailer operates, please contact us for a free online demonstration of the software.