SentrySIS have this week announced the launch of a new feature within its online software and mobile app that helps manage offenders much easier than before. Galleries is a new feature available to system administrators where they can simply create a gallery of offenders which are viewable by end users.



The new Galleries feature is a simple yet effective tools within SentrySIS as it can organise known and unknown offenders into customisable lists that share common attributes, such as ‘High Street Shoplifters Gallery’.


The new update is fully integrated into the SentrySIS Business Protect INTEL360 application meaning that this update will be available to all SentrySIS users across the network. End users of the system can now quickly and easily view known and unknown offenders based on categories defined by a system administrator.


Chris Nriapia from SentrySIS said “The new Galleries feature was developed based on the feedback we received from our administrators. The system displays profiles within a gallery based on end user viewing permissions. This means that the administrator doesn’t need to worry about who should see what, as the system automatically works this out based on the predefined groups users are already placed within.”



Administrators can give their gallery a name, choose which groups they want their gallery to be displayed within and provide some content on what the gallery is focused on. This makes is easy for end users to select and view a gallery that is most relevant to them.


Further development of the Galleries feature is planned in early 2023 that doesn’t stop at just offenders being added to a Gallery. Additional crime data in SentrySIS will also be available for administrators to add to a Gallery such as vehicles, incidents, profiles and notes. This will make the Galleries feature much more useful as its not limited to just offenders.


To find out more about Galleries in SentrySIS or any other feature that can assist your BID, crime partnership or private security company help reduce crime, please contact us to book a free online demonstration of the software.