Sentrysis is launching a new training and education module within its software platform to better equip users to fully utilise the system. The new module called, SentrySIS iLearn consists of short text-based guides and online pre-recorded videos covering core functionality in the SentrySIS system.



This on-demand learning portal will allow both new and current users to access video tutorials and step-by-step guides on all key features of the Sentrysis platform.


The SentrySIS iLearn knowledge base covers key system processes such as online crime reporting to the police, sending incidents to system admin or running extensive AI kaleidoscope searches to identify serious organised criminals and their associates.


The content is optimised for quick learning - overviewing key features in a bite-sized, simple presentation style. The short duration videos allow busy users to rapidly boost their SentrySIS know-how around essential crime fighting tech tools.



With short 3 to 8-minute videos, users can get a quick overview of key features in the platform and be walked through simple ‘how-to’ step by step system tasks. This training portal helps all users better understand the full capabilities of SentrySIS so they can exploit the most useful functions for their advantage.


Chris Nriapia from SentrySIS said “I’m really pleased that we have managed to provide a suite of short videos and bite-sized guides to help users navigate the system better. We know SaaS platforms like SentrySIS can be daunting, so I’m hoping the new iLearn catalogue is well received and accessed by a variety of users”.



Without clear and concise training support, complex software often goes underutilised. With the SentrySIS iLearn library of resources, end users and system administrators can better leverage the platform to extract insights, increase productivity and make data-driven decisions. The end result is a greater number of users will be more equipped in tacking retail and business crime.


Any user who has access to SentrySIS can access the SentrySIS iLearn training section by logging directly into SentrySIS and clicking the HelpDesk link in My Account. Here, users can insert a few keywords and search for any subject or function they want to learn more about. System administrators will see a wider selection of videos and guides to cover admin functions only available to them.



There are future plans of expanding the module into structured staff learning

To find out more about SentrySIS and how it can assist your organisation, click on our contact us and ask for a free demo of the platform.