Durham Constabulary launched a new policing operation which targets dangerous and unsafe driving. Operation Snap aims to reduce the number of road deaths within the police force area by allowing the public to submit dashcam and headcam footage of dangerous driving from across the county.


Due to an increase in vehicle dash cams and bike headcams, it is easier now more than ever for the public to report dangerous drivers to the police.

Building on the technology developed in SentrySIS’s Road Traffic Collision software, Operation Snap utilises the prevalence of vehicle dash cams and bicycle headcams to enable the public to report dangerous driving to Durham Constabulary via a simple online form, where previously, the only option for concerned members of the public was to phone up.

Using the SentrySIS Safer Roads Video Report Portal, officers from the Road and Armed Policing team can review the submitted video-based evidence to confirm if the driver has broken the law. Moreover, drivers can use this footage to defend themselves in the event of a dispute in a road traffic collision they may have been involved in.


“We know the public find it frustrating when they see people who refuse to obey the laws of the road, putting others at risk through their inconsiderate driving,” said Inspector Kevin Salter, of the Roads and Armed Policing Unit. “Operation Snap is therefore an effective way for law-abiding motorists to notify us of dangerous drivers so we can take them off the road before they cause a serious collision—and we hope the public will help us make the roads safer for all.”

1,600 people die every year in England and Wales as a result of negligent and dangerous driving. Durham Constabulary estimates that if SentrySIS’s Safer Roads Video Reporting Portal was adopted by every force, the operation would reduce fatalities by 40 per cent, saving around 650 people every year.

Police and Crime Commissioner for Durham Constabulary Joy Allen said, “Tackling road safety is a key priority in my Police and Crime Plan, reflecting the concerns and feedback I receive from local people on an almost daily basis. My engagement work shows the vast majority of people (77 per cent) who live or work in the force area support more enforcement on our roads, while road safety continues to be cited as one of the top five priorities among the public. This is why I committed to increasing investment in road safety resources through the money people pay towards policing in their council tax bill in last year’s budget.”


“Operation Snap has proved to be an excellent enforcement tool in other areas of the country, with evidence suggesting that as much as 70 per cent of the footage retrieved from the public can be acted upon, opening up significant opportunities for prosecution,” Commissioner Allen continued. “Whilst not replacing our highly-skilled Roads Policing officers, Operation Snap does offer a further means of support for monitoring driver behaviour on our roads, and importantly increases the protection of all road users—from car drivers and motorcyclists, through to horse riders and cyclists.

“SentrySIS is proud of the work we are doing to help keep Durham’s streets safe from the threat of reckless driving,” said SentrySIS co-founder Chris Nriapia. “We are really pleased with how the software has been adopted by the people of County Durham and that we have managed to provide Durham Constabulary with the tools they need to hold any would-be criminals accountable.”

To read more about Operation Snap, visit the Durham Constabulary website here.