The development team at SentrySIS have this week launched a new authentication log in method to help national retailers manage their SentrySIS user accounts much more efficiently.


SentrySIS now offers the use of Single Sign On (SSO) as a primary authentication method that enables SentrySIS users to securely authenticate themselves against their organisations’ internal SSO credentials.




National retailer brands using SentrySIS, can now easily manage all their UK-wide user accounts via a simple set of controlled login credentials that are centrally managed by their IT departments. This feature provides a variety of operational and security-based benefits for all involved.



A single sign-on process can simplify username and password management for both end SentrySIS users and system administrators. End users are not required to keep track of their SentrySIS log in credentials and can simply gain access via their internal staff log in details. This also means SentrySIS access can be gained much faster for those who require SentrySIS access working on the shop floor.


SSO also helps cut down on the amount of time spent on lost passwords and password resets. National retailer administrators can also relinquish login privileges with ease, no matter which SentrySIS installation a user might have access to. This also helps control measures when a member of staff leaves the organisation.



Lee Fella, from SentrySIS commented and said “We’re always trying to improve the user experience of our platform as it just makes using SentrySIS so much easier. With the implementation of Single Sign On, this helps our national retailer customers manage their entire workforces’ access to the system no matter where in the UK they are based or which SentrySIS installation they have access to”.


Organisations seeking more information on the use of SentrySIS SSO can contact their SentrySIS administrator or email SentrySIS directly at