Last month, SentrySIS announced a series of upgrades within their crime intelligence platform that improves end user engagement and interactivity. These new updates were only accessible within the webportal application until now.


In a bid to assist end users of the system, the SentrySIS development team have now integrated these updates into the latest version of the SentrySIS mobile app on Apple and Android, which is due to be launched any day.


End users can now access new sections within the SentrySIS app that were only accessible from the desktop version. This change significantly improves user experience and capacity as they can now see and do more. The amendments mean a reduction in manual search requirements, being better informed of new information since they last logged in and a better way of communicating news, briefings and intelligence reports from their admins. All of the modifications mean end user access to data is now much quicker and more relevant than before.


Here are some of the main key updates that are now available in the updated SentrySIS app.



ID’s Required


The ID’s Required section is an area of the app where end users can now suggest ID’s of unknown offenders directly to their BCRP or BID system administrator. This allows system admins to confirm the names of unknown individuals who can then be excluded from stores, banned from an area or for their details to be shared with the police for further investigation.




The Briefings section provides end users with a series of useful documents that have been uploaded by their system administrators. These usually consists of daily police briefings; newsletters, local authority reports or any recent minutes and notes from crime meetings and debriefs. The section displays all documents as a list that can be opened in an easy viewable pdf format from within the app.



Missed Activity


We understand how time is always of the essence for those working in business crime reduction. They need correct information in a timely manner and in order to do that, they need to know what’s new in the system since they last logged in. The Missed Activity Aggregator displays the latest notifications, incidents, profiles, vehicles, alerts and briefings as a simple list. End users can simply click each item to be taken to that element within the SentrySIS app.


This is made easier as the app displays a red counter next to each item so the end user knows how many items are new within that section and what they might have missed.





BCRPS and BIDS can use the news section to share a variety of information with their end users. System administrators can share success stories, crime related news or partnership updates from within their area. As the SentrySIS app is a ‘go to’ application for members and their staff working within business crime reduction, this is an easy and useful method to communicate with their membership without the need for email sending.


Commenting on the recent app updates, Chris Nriapia from SentrySIS said “The SentrySIS app is really starting to come into its own now. The feedback received from users and system administrators is always positive. With a really clean and modern looking user interface that displays all the right information when users need it, gives us the perfect base to start adding new and useful features over time. With the addition of this latest set of updates, the SentrySIS app is a really powerful application to help retailers, security staff, BCRPS and BIDS to share, manage and process their business crime”.


The SentrySIS team are focusing on a ‘mobile first’ software development strategy meaning that as the world moves over to mobile so will SentrySIS. The SentrySIS app will better cater for end users who are on the move and need crime intelligence in the palm of their hands but equally have all the functions administrators need to fully manage their installation.


For more information on the SentrySIS crime intelligence system and how it can assist your BID or BCRP, please contact us here.