As part of the wider SentrySIS platform offering, SentrySIS Cloud is a new division in SentrySIS where BCRPS, BIDS, private security firms and other organisations can utilise the already secure and robust SentrySIS infrastructure to host their public websites and other cloud management systems.


This service will assist SentrySIS customers in streamlining their internal operations by maximising their IT expenditure through the provision of cloud web hosting services.

SentrySIS Cloud is fully hosted within a secure UK-based data centre, where customers can benefit from the expertise and knowledge within the wider SentrySIS ecosystem.



Chris Nriapia from SentrySIS commented and said “Especially in this current climate where BCRPs are losing membership and struggling to make ends meet, SentrySIS Cloud is a cost-effective way we can help reduce customers’ IT costs by offering this solution as an option.”

All hosted websites are backed up daily and are made even secure thanks to additional services provided by our technology partners such as CISCO, Microsoft, Commvault, Intel, Dell and ANS.


For more information on SentrySIS Cloud please click here.