Subject Access Request

You can use this page to request personal information that SentrySIS may hold on you.


If you believe your personal information may be held within the SentrySIS software, you can use the below form to make a Subject Access Request. In order for SentrySIS to process this request, you will be required to identify yourself through a number of means. This will include completing some qualifying identity questions and supplying photographic ID, that will be deleted once it has been used to verify you.


During this completion process, you will receive an email with instructions that must be kept safe. Please check your spam filter in your email client for messages from SentrySIS and please make sure you insert your email address in correctly.


This digital form is a method to make this process easy and accessible, however you can send your request in writing to the following postal address: 15 Queens Square, Leeds, LS2 8AJ and mark your letter as a ‘Subject Access Request’.