Public accountability meetings are one of the ways the Police and Crime Commissioner Joy Allen holds Durham Police Constabulary to account. Through these public meetings, Joy ensures the police continue to deliver efficient and effective services to local residents and businesses across the police force area.



In this public meeting, Joy focus on retail crime as the safety of businesses and shop workers is a key high priority theme within Joy’s Police and Crime Plan 2021-2024.


There are growing concerns across the retail sector as nationally, there is an increase in shoplifting and anti-social behaviour towards retail staff.


During this short presentation, we hear from Chief Inspector Claire Errington who is responsible for strategically overseeing retail crime across the Durham police force area.


In Claire’s presentation we learn how Sainsburys are using SentrySIS to report shoplifting crimes online to Durham Police. Claire also discusses the significant positive impact SentrySIS is having on the reduction of shoplifting incidents by prolific offenders in one of the targeted Sainsburys stores. We also hear how the platform is producing time saving benefits for the police.



After the presentation Joy shared questions submitted by the pubic to be answered by executive officers from Durham Police. One question focused on the importance and need for CCTV to be captured early and sent to the police to be used for evidential purposes.


Temporary Assistant Chief Constable, Richard Allen summarised how Durham capture CCTV from retailers and said “We try and encourage retailers to use SentrySIS, as it allows retailers to upload CCTV securely and remotely so they can do it without a police officer attending. If people have the SentrySIS system of course we will come out and show them how to do it.”


Joy continued to highlight the benefits of using SentrySIS and made reference to the efficiency savings the SentrySIS platform generates for Durham Police, especially around police officer time savings.


Joy commented and said “It has saved a lot of officer time so the more we get the message out about SentrySIS, it will help both organisations and the retailers to help prevent and reduce crime”.


Chief Constable Rachel Bacon brought the meeting to a close by recognising the work Chief Inspector Claire Errington and the local policing teams we’re doing around retail crime.


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