SentrySIS have this week launched an updated version of its Police Perform dashboard which now provides police officers with a series of statistics and analytics displaying force-wide efficiency savings.


The ‘new look’ police dashboard now makes it easier for police officers to navigate the SentrySIS system enabling them to complete daily policing tasks much quicker than before.



The system shows clear and transparent efficiency savings that SentrySIS has generated for its police force customers. By displaying force efficiency savings to all police users, not only encourages greater use of the platform, but enables officers to see their level of contribution towards the wider savings across the organisation.


Efficiency savings generated through the use of SentrySIS are calculated through a number of different metrics. These metrics cover officer time savings (both travel and task at hand), CO2 emissions savings and total efficiency savings amongst other measurable values. The dashboard also displays any efficiency savings SentrySIS has produced for UK policing in total.


Chris Nriapia from SentrySIS said “I’m really pleased with how the new dashboard looks. It’s very modern, very intuitive and provides the users with relevant graphs, stats and analytics they want to see. But what I really love the most is how we can calculate efficiency savings not only for the force using our software but the overall saving that force has contributed to UK policing as a whole."



An example of this is through the SentrySIS StatementNow application. StatementNow allows officers to conduct telephone interviews with witnesses and victims of crime in any geographical location. This means there is no requirement for an officer to travel to where a witness or victim is located as the software negates this.


Traditionally, a force that is seeking an interview with a witness or victim of crime would submit a formal request to the police force where the witness or victim is located if travel distances are too great to conduct themselves. This actually creates additional frontline demand for the receiving police constabulary which ultimately has a direct impact on wider UK policing.


By using StatementNow to conduct a telephone interview negates this added impact on UK policing as the software eradicates all these frontline demand issues.


Detective Superintendent Kevin Weir at Durham Police said “The modern world is changing rapidly, and policing must evolve with it to ensure we continue to provide the best service for the communities we serve. By using technology like SentrySIS to work smarter not harder, we have achieved significant cost and efficiency savings across the force. These savings are put back into our communities where it matters.”


Weir summarised and said "The new dashboard contains all of the performance management information individual staff and supervisors need to assess and manage their own performance. Once supervisors understand the fantastic time savings they can make they begin to better manage their staff enquiries and investigations in a more victim focused way."


The SentrySIS Police Perform suite of applications can all be easily accessed via the new dashboard, where SentrySIS already have development plans throughout 2023 to improve on existing applications along with developing new ones.


To find out more about how SentrySIS can make your police constabulary more efficient please contact us here.