Following on with last month’s theme, SentrySIS has continued to further develop key areas of their crime intelligence platform to help improve end user engagement and administrator functionality and management.


It’s important for administrators at business crime reduction partnerships and business improvement districts to fully understand how engaged their end users are. Furthermore, having clear knowledge on what activity end users are conducting in their SentrySIS installation can also prove very valuable.



To assist with this issue, SentrySIS has updated its existing ‘User Stats Report’ to help bolster its already extensive reports section. System administrators can now have an overview of end users’ activity across the system that highlights the number of incidents and notifications the user has uploaded, along with the number of times they have logged into the system and the date and time of their last log in session.



Log in activity is an essential statistic to include in reports as this not only helps system administrators report back to member head offices about their staff usage, but also helps to identify why an end user might not be fully engaged in the platform compared to their counterparts.


This can also highlight where additional SentrySIS training might be required, if end users need refresher training sessions or when new staff who haven’t been trained are introduced to the SentrySIS system as a new user.



Chris Nriapia from SentrySIS commented and said “The reports section within SentrySIS is a data rich repository of information administrators can tap into at any time. Information held within the reports section, covers a vast amount of information right across the entire eco-system. This makes finding data easy for administrators who can then export this data for their own reports and presentations if required.”


Another useful feature built into the User Stats Report is producing end user activity by group. This becomes most useful if system administrators require information on how active a key system group is. This can be run on individual groups (daytime group or night time economy) or can be run on multiple groups should this be required. Administrators can also download the results in .xls format if necessary.


The updated User Stats Report is just one of many useful reports within the SentrySIS platform available to system administrators and users within a system.


To find out more on how SentrySIS can add value to crime partnership or business improvement district, please contact us here.